I first started teaching what would become Turning Your Passion Into Profit in my living room over 30 years ago. The course was initially called the Business of Art. I was sharing what I had learned selling my artwork. I had successfully made my living selling my artwork for years before that. My students were what I now call Creative Entrepreneurs.  People who love what they do, are very talented but hadn’t ever been taught how to run a business or make money doing what they loved. 
Even though the class was called The Business of Art I would often get hairdressers, massage therapists, caterers and lawyers taking the class in addition to artists and designers of all stripes. I’d ask them why they enrolled in a class called the Business of Art and they would say that they figured if I could teach artists how to make a living I could teach them. They were right. That’s why I eventually changed the name of the class to Turning Your Passion Into Profit.
I was mostly sharing what I knew about marketing, finding outlets for your work, planning for success, managing time and pricing your work. When interest outgrew the accommodations, and my living room could no longer house the group, I started to teach the course at art and design centers and organizations throughout the Midwest.
Eventually I partnered with Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame Indiana to apply for a grant to offer the program there. We got it and the provost of the college wound up taking the course. I think of her as my guardian angel and am so grateful for her. She asked me if I would be willing to offer courses in entrepreneurship in three graduate programs the school was going to offer. The courses were for Nurses, Speech Pathologists and Data Scientists.
At first I didn’t think I would be able to do that. I was an artist, what did I know about these subjects? She believed in me and thought me to be an excellent teacher and so even though I only had a Bachelor’s degree she arranged for me to teach these masters and doctoral level courses and I realized creating a new business involved the same challenges and skills as learning to sell art or design work. It’s all about the process of creating.  I also learned that I’m a damn good teacher. The courses were part online and part in person so the experience also gave me a chance to learn how to teach online.
In all these classes the biggest issue for students was believing they could make more than just enough money. For this reason, I became a financial counselor so I could not only help my students and clients manage their businesses and make money but help them overcome faulty thinking and past trauma that affected their self-worth and the ability to believe they could succeed.  Hence the name of my company, Self-Worth.
Once you have a business started it is difficult to find the time to devote to learning the skills you need to grow it. It takes planning and making time to expand your reach. Over time you grow too and you might need to tweak your offerings to better reflect who you are becoming and what you have to offer. Being an entrepreneur can also be a lonely pursuit.
30+ years later I am still showing up to help entrepreneurs see that it is possible to have thriving businesses that can support them spiritually, creatively and monetarily. I do this through my Turning Your Passion Into Profit class, my group coaching program called Create: Your Life. Your Money. Your Business and private coaching.
Create: Your Life. Your Money. Your Business is a program that supports a sense of mutual support, encouragement, and accountability. It’s also a place where you can get some teaching and money wisdom directly from me. Where you can talk about any struggles you are facing and ask any questions you have. There is even time for one on one coaching in the group so other people can learn from the feedback I give you.
In addition, folks wanted the chance to connect, but they wanted to do it in a way that felt more intentional. They wanted a space to really and truly do the work and share this journey together.
That’s why I added community co-working sessions. To create a space where you can come as you are, wherever you are in your life and money journey, to do whatever money and business work will make the most difference to you in the moment.  You can bring your marketing, copy writing, planning and money work and get some support as you work through them. Where you can work on your business with other entrepreneurs and learn from their successes and failures as you work through your own. Where you are assured that you aren’t alone.
Because we all have so much to learn from each other, and hearing from folks working through similar situations, or even completely different ones, can serve you and your money journey in so many ways.
This is your invitation to be a part of an amazing community of creative entrepreneurs who are all working to expand their reach, their money mastery and income.
Join us for Create: Your Life. Your Money. Your Business. and get the support and accountability you need to create a business you can be proud of, love to own and that can bring you not just financial peace of mind but wealth.