At the beginning of the year most of us set new goals for the year. Some about eating better, exercising more, doing more marketing for our businesses and on and on. We have great intentions and they really are things we want to do but, a month or two later we haven’t followed through. Maybe we we’re good in January and February and then little by little we stop doing what we said we would.
So how do you create new habits and make them stick?
New habits require a new mindset. You’ll never succeed if you are relying on will power alone. The reason is you already have habits in place that you have been practicing for a long time, sometimes years and your body and mind are used to those activities happening in a certain order and time each day.
Here are 6 tips to create new long lasting habits.
1. Habit Stack
Habit stacking is when you add your new habit right after something else you already do regularly. Let’s say you want to start tracking your spending. You know you brush your teeth daily so if you set 10 minutes aside to manage your money right after brushing your teeth you are more likely to do it because you will remind yourself when you are finished brushing your teeth to immediately go to your computer and do your tracking. Once you have done this for a week or two you will be able to continue it for the rest of your life if you choose.
2. Small Steps
We have a tendency to go full out right away when we want to make a change. So, if our goal is to start exercising most of us go directly to trying to work out an hour a day several times a week. Science tells us though that if we start out with 10 minutes and then slowly add more time we are more likely to succeed.
3. Do Something Every Day
It’s counter intuitive but when we do something consistently every day for short periods of time it’s easier to see results faster and that will keep you on track. 10 minutes of your new habit a day is the ticket.
4. Focus on Dong Rather Than Results
Most of us track our results, how much weight we lost, how many new clients we got rather than celebrating that we did what we said we were going to do. You want to be tracking that you ate the healthy breakfast you said that you would, that you posted on social media today, that you got up earlier. Your actions will create your desired results but you don’t have control over how long it will take to reach your goals. When you focus on the realization of your goals if it is taking a long time it’s likely you will give up before you see the results you desire.
5. Track and Celebrate Your Progress
Keep a running list of your progress so you can see that you are doing what you said you would. It’s really important to do this step so you can see for yourself that you can be trusted. When you give your word to yourself and others you follow through. Not taking notice of your committed actions leads to distrust and then to not wanting to set goals because you’re afraid you can’t be counted on to follow through.
Research from Harvard University Business School discovered recognizing your small progress every day is key to increasing your productivity and happiness. To make the effect even greater, reward yourself-but only in ways that are aligned with your goals. No ice cream after eating healthfully during the day.
6. Support
One of the most important ways to ensure your success is to have group support. 
That is why I am offering Create: Your Life, Your Money, Your Business. This group is for those who either have a small business or are considering going into business either full or part time.
For just $69.00 a month
We will work on Money. 
 How to think about it, manage it and make it. 
 We will also be looking at how to attract clients, increase sales, how to price your products and services, write copy for your website and posts and how to plan for your business success.
 Every other session we will be working on a different topic. So, in a way this group is like a class but so much more, there will be time for questions, group input and feedback, plus time to get the work done.
 The group will meet every week. It is designed to be part class, part working group, a support group and an accountability structure. We will be covering a variety of topics throughout the program and most important supporting you in taking the steps required so you can realize your dreams.
It is an ongoing group so you can enter it and cancel it whenever you’d like.  Begins Monday January 23rd at 7:00 central time.

So let’s start the year out right supporting each other’s dreams together.