I love my clients. They teach me way more than I teach them and they allow me to help them improve their lives, which lets me see my gifts and value. We both know that our work together will mean they will have way more money and joy for the rest of their lives. They know working with me is worth their time and money. They trust me and are willing to share their secrets with me including their failings, gifts and dreams. What better gift could they give me? I am a very lucky person. I get to do what I love, help people create financial security and abundance and make money from it.                                 

Today I thought I’d share with you one place that I go for inspiration when I’m feeling like I can’t control my life and make it work the way I want it to. I have a new client, Kristin Hanggi. She is an amazing writer and I want to introduce you to a poem or as she calls it a mediation she wrote. It’s an excerpt from her book “God, Sex and Musical Theatre”. The whole book speaks to me and gives me inspiration to stop hiding my gifts and to start trusting and believing in myself. It was hard to pick just one of her pieces. I hope you enjoy this one.
                                                                            MY REAL JOB_________________________________________________________
                                          “The master does his job
                                           and then stops.
                                           He understands that the universe
                                           is forever out of control,
                                           and that trying to dominate events
                                           goes against the current of the Tao.
                                           Because he believes in himself
                                           he doesn’t try to convince others.
                                           Because he is content with himself,
                                           he doesn’t need others’ approval.
                                           Because he accepts himself,
                                           The whole world accepts him.”
                                                                             -Verse 30, Tao Te Ching
Today my job is to accept myself
I have a fantastic imagination, and my fantasy version of myself
has rainbow hair and farts sparkles. She flies through sunsets, and 
looks great in a neon-unitard. She’s highly entertaining. 
You would love her. 
And my real self is… human.
A work in progress.
A work that never finishes.
And it’s so nice to just put something pretty in a frame
and say “done,” right? It’s so fulfilling when the curtain rises
on opening night. It’s so complete when the movie is released. 
But you know what? You never really feel done then either.
The artist knows there is always more work to do. The divine 
dissatisfaction that Martha Graham talks about is there,
whispering to us that more of this story wants to be told. 
So my job today is not to judge myself—–
the unique piece of art that I am. 
But to love myself. 
Where I am right now. 
And all the potential in me. 
If I’m willing to accept myself as I am, I can find my way to
appreciation.  If I look in the mirror and see the way my eyes light up
when I’m thinking mischievous thoughts… I start to notice that I’m fun.
Silly. Beautiful. Inspiring. Creative. 
She sneaks up on me, 
My very own spirit sneaks up on me.
She’s messy. And imperfect. And complicated.
And doing it one day at a time.
One day at a time is my job.
My job today is to release convincing others.
My job today is to release needing their approval.
My job today is to pray: “Show me my job today.”
Job Description for myself:
Keep the Divine as my center. Stay connected to the truth of my being. Rest.
Play. Create my sacred work. Communicate & acknowledge my desires. 
Take care of myself. Eat deliciously. Move. Sleep. Self-care. Art for my 
Soul. Nurture my relationships. Allow my living environment to be a temple. 
Discard what no longer brings me joy so I can make room for the new.
Create order. Tell the truth, especially when it’s uncomfortable. 
Be a good steward to my finances. Dream. Go on adventures. Forgive.
Keep learning. See everything as a blessing. Be available to what I don’t know.
Hold a vision of a greater good. Stay in the wonder. Love. 
I do my job.
I forget my job.
And I do my job again. 
Then all I have to do is stop.
And let go. 

So the parts that  I can help you with are being a good steward of your money and helping you see the value that you are. I currently have 5 openings for coaching sessions. If you’d like to see if Money Coaching is right for you book a discovery call and we can talk. If I’m not the right person I can recommend you to someone else. If you prefer groups check out the Debt Free Forever course below.


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