Since I started my business last year I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring all of my skills and abilities into my coaching practice.  I wanted to answer the question that most people ask me” why did an artist decide to become a financial counselor?”

I didn’t do it because I suddenly thought budgeting and debt reduction planning would be really fun. Although I admit I do find them to be a bit addictive and very satisfying activities. I did it because I’m absolutely fascinated by how people create things, anything. It can be a piece of art, a beautiful garden, a business or a life. I am particularly interested in how to create a perfect, beautiful abundant life filled with joy.

Since I was a little girl, maybe 5 or 6, I taught classes starting in my parent’s basement teaching my friends how to make things. Sometimes we’d paint paintings, sometimes we’d make dolls, it didn’t matter what we were making. The fun came from the process of creating and making things that didn’t exist before. While we were making things I wanted to talk about their dreams, what they wanted their lives to look like and who they wanted to be. When I was older I realized that we can go through the same process to make our lives as we use to design or create anything else.

When I became a Financial Counselor I did it the way I was taught, teaching my clients the skills they require to manage their money well. I realized recently though that isn’t really what my clients are looking for. They want to create the lives and businesses of their dreams and they need money to do it. That’s why they want to learn how to budget and get out of debt, not because they suddenly have a burning desire to learn to budget or how to improve their credit score.

Taking this all into consideration I’m going to change my practice a bit. I’ll be focusing on the creative process of how you create a life you love. This includes teaching skills you need to make those dreams real including the elements of design, how to trust and use your intuition, using ritual, spirituality, accessing information from your wise inner self, letting yourself have fun and enjoy the process, taking action and even at times art making along with creating spending and debt reduction plans. All skills that artists and designers use regularly in their work. These skills are part of the creative process and needed to make fulfilling, joyful income producing lives and businesses.

I’ve designed several new classes and workshops that I’ll be offering starting next year based on this multifaceted and creative approach. I’ll also be including these ingredients in my 1:1 and group coaching sessions. In a week or two I’ll tell you about the first program I’ll be offering at the start of the year.

I’m hoping to find ways to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life and mine.