Treasure Maps

A Tool for Creating Your Future

Saturday January 20th

Time: 8:00a-12:00pm PT / 10:00am-2:00pm CT / 11:00am-3:00pm ET

Investment: $95.00

During this one day workshop you will create a visual representation of your dreams.  I will be leading you through some guided visualizations and we will be creating some ceremonies to celebrate your desires into being. Mostly it will be a workshop filled with creativity, art making, magic and love. All taking place online in the comfort of your home.

painting of woman looking in mirror

My Story: Then & Now

2 Day Live Virtual Workshop

Saturdays: October 28st and November 4th

Time: 8:00-12:00pm PT 10:00am-2:00pm Central time 11:00am-3:00pmEST

Investment: $450.00

The course uses your creative expression, imagination, intuition, the knowledge stored in your body, your inner guidance system and a little magic to create a new you.

When you use all of these abilities you start living life aligned with who you really are, a co-creator of your life who fearlessly overcomes challenges and is able to bring your gifts to the world and be well compensated for them.

You don’t need to have artistic ability or be a writer to complete this work. You just need to be willing to trust me to guide you through the process and commit to doing the work. I will be there to support you through every step and answer every question you have.

Spiritual Doll Making

Spiritual Doll Making

The workshop will meet for 3 hours on 3 consecutive Saturdays.

Spiritual Doll Making is an opportunity to get in touch with what your current needs are and also the needs of the child that lives within you.

Then to create an object that represents the fulfilment of those needs. I chose dolls as the form because as children many of us turned to our dolls to comfort us. Our spiritual dolls can give us comfort and healing now. In a way the process allows us to reparent ourselves and love ourselves, showing the child in us that we are ready to take better care of it, make smarter decisions including how we deal with our money.

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If I Only Had the money

A 12 week program that will fundamentally change your
relationship with money.

Anytime you earn, spend, borrow, save, win or lose money, you are relating to money, giving meaning to it, and feeling something from it.

  • You may feel high when you buy a new designer purse.
  • Or extreme guilt over your daily latte.
  • Or resent knowing that your coworker’s paycheck is heftier than yours.
  • Or you may feel too afraid to look to see where you are at financially
  • Or, you may be ignoring the whole subject, in a kind of money fog.

For example, do you know how much your ideal lifestyle actually costs? Or exactly how much debt you owe on your credit cards?

Even if you are ignoring money, you are still relating to it.

Turning Your Passion into Profit

Do you dream of transforming your passion into a rock-solid business that can fully support you, your family, and your goals for the future?

Maybe you currently have a business, but it’s not performing up to your expectations.

Are you ready to move your business to a new level of profitability and experience more financial freedom and stability…on a consistent basis?

Do you have tons of great ideas, but are having problems focusing them into a cohesive business plan and strategy?

As an entrepreneur, you’re passionately committed to your work, but sometimes, you wonder if you’ll ever make enough money to live the good life, provide for your loved ones and retire before the age of 80.

Well, stop wondering and start learning the secrets to building a thriving business.

In Turning Your Passion Into Profit, you will receive everything you need to design, build, and grow a highly profitable and sustainable business doing the work you love.