The reason I wanted to be a financial coach is that I believe wealth is all about having the freedom to be whoever you want to be and having the money to support your ideal vision. That includes having the means to experience beauty and wonder and all that inspires you to be your best self.
If you really want to create bliss in your life you need to lead the kind of life that keeps your heart and soul awake every day. You need to create a life that  inspires you and gives your life the purpose it needs to call you to use all of your gifts.
Let’s assume for the moment that you could do and have anything you want in an instant. The difficulty then arises in deciding what you would want. The problem with deciding what you want is that each choice changes who you are and what you experience. We don’t know before-hand how this choice will impact our lives and if we’ll enjoy the new reality. 
If we are making choices in our lives based on a purely economic view we lose the joy of risk, adventure and contribution. We then wind up leading safe but rather bland and uninspiring lives.
Most of us are happiest when we stretch and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, when we risk that our hearts may be broken, give ourselves permission to make big mistakes and we take on challenges that stretch us beyond our current abilities. Most of us are happiest when we feel our lives are making a contribution in some small way. 
If we really want to experience more bliss we need to lead the kind of life that keeps our hearts, souls and desires awake every day. We need to understand and find ways to support what we truly yearn for.
What if we are all meant to do what we secretly dream about?
What would you ask if you knew you could have anything?
How far could you go?
What could you achieve?
I know from experience that when I am doing something that I love and that uses my specific talents it doesn’t feel like work, it’s just me being me. That’s when all sorts of things start to happen for me. Opportunities that I never expected or could have dreamed of just show up allowing me to feel blissful in ways I could not have imagined.
On January 20th, 2024 I will be offering Treasure Maps: A Tool for Creating Your Future
The Treasure Map workshop is an inner search to discover who and what is calling you.  Then you’ll make a visual image to remind you of who you really are and what your ideal life looks like. It will help keep you on track as you make decisions about all the opportunities presented to you each day. This will help you decide what direction to go in and what things to say yes or no to. 
It’s a map to help you create the path to realize your dreams and a way to quiet your inner critic.
During this one day workshop you will create a visual representation of your dreams.  I will lead you through some exercises to help you uncover your deepest desires and clarify exactly what you want in the coming year. Then you and the group will create some ceremonies to celebrate your desires into being. Mostly it will be a workshop filled with creativity, art making, magic and love. All taking place online in the comfort of your home.
Here is what you’ll be doing:
  1. Getting in touch with what you truly want.
  2. Gaining the support of your subconscious mind so you’re not fighting yourself.
  3. Identifying and eliminating any obstacles that might get in your way.
  4. Connecting to intuitive guidance to help you along the way.
  5. Consciously choosing to create your dreams and what actions you will take to make your dreams real.
  6. Surrendering control, allowing the universe to step in and work it’s magic.
  7. Declaring your dream as real. (Words create everything, because words are the embodiment of thought.)
  8. You will learn how to stay true to your dream so you can stay with it until it manifests.
  9. Create a visual representation of your desires so you can see yourself having the life you want and use it as a reminder of where you are headed
That’s it 9 simple and fun steps to having the life you really want.