Let me share an inspiring story about a therapist I worked with.
When Lisa first came to me, she was working at a Social Service agency. She felt they were taking advantage of her. She worked very hard seeing 5 clients or more a day for $35,000. a year. She was so tired and was dreaming of leaving the agency and starting her own practice but she was scared she wouldn’t be able to make it.
Lisa had never been good at managing her money. She had some credit card debt and was paying off the last of her student loan but she was scared to really look to see how much money she was spending and she had no savings. Just the thought of looking at her finances made her really anxious.
She was living paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t imagine how she could save any money. She was miserable thinking she would need to stay at her job indefinitely, so sure she couldn’t afford to leave.
Together we slowly uncovered the reality of her financial situation. She said she wasn’t as anxious with me by her side. Lisa could see that she was spending a lot of money on things she really didn’t care about and that she could forego and put that money away in her “Get out of Dodge Fund”, money she was putting away to safely leave the agency. She also learned how much money she needed to support herself which helped her see she really didn’t need as many clients as she previously thought in order to make enough money to cover her expenses.
We then set to work on putting a marketing plan together. She identified who she wanted to work with and some referral platforms where she could purchase a listing to let prospective clients know about her new practice. While she was still working for the agency she started to get a few clients. All the money she made from that went into savings.
Within 8 months she had saved enough money to leave the agency and cover her for 6 months even if she had no clients what so ever. Feeling much more confident she gave her notice. 
In just three months she was making as much as she had been making at the agency. By the end of her first year, she was grossing over $125,000. 
In a little over a year Lisa completely transformed her life.
If you’d like to know the details of how she did it, I’d love to show you.
During this 2 hour workshop – taking place March 29 at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern – you’ll discover the exact strategies Lisa used to be able to safely leave her job, attract wonderful clients and confidently charge good money for what she offered.
You’ll …
  • Determine how much money you’ll need to safely leave your job or create a plan to work full or part time while you build the business
  • Get clear about how much money you need for your personal expenses and to repay any debt you have
  • Learn ways to start saving so you will have the money you need when you are ready to leave
  • Clarify what business you want to create
  • Learn the steps you will need to take to get your new business started
  • Get clear on how much money you need the business to make to cover all your expenses and be able to pay yourself and your employees well
  • Clarify how much you need to charge
And much, much more. Don’t wait, it’s this coming Tuesday.

Can’t wait to see you there. What Lisa accomplished is totally doable for you…and you’ll see why when you join me.


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