Some days I feel my past nipping at my heels pushing me into old, not very productive habits. Today is one of those days when I can’t seem to shake the stories I have been telling myself for years.


They all have to do with the feeling that no one wants to play with me.


This feeling is from very early in my life. I was the tallest one in my class for all of grade school. Kids teased me and often didn’t include me in their games. In addition, my parents were dealing with a lot and often weren’t available. So, there I was left with this feeling that no one wanted to be with me.


That voice in my head can affect my current behavior if I let it.


On days like today when it’s screaming in my ear, in the past, I would have given into it and not written a newsletter today. I would have told myself that no one wants to hear from me. I would have gone on from there and told myself that no one is interested in the classes that I offer and might have given up on trying to market my current class offering. Pre-deciding that it wouldn’t fill. That would have resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy leading to no one taking my class because I wouldn’t have told enough people about it. That in turn would have created a lack of income, confirming another voice I often hear telling me that I’ll never make more than just enough.

That was the way I let those voices control my life before.


I share this with you not so you’ll feel badly for me. I’m fine, but so you can see how your inner voice may be sabotaging you, keeping you from having the abundance you desire. 


So, what to do about it.


First of all, learn to hear that sneaky inner voice and then tell it the truth about

your current situation.


For me that truth is that I have many wonderful people in my life who choose to be with me all the time. My clients tell me how much value they get from working with me and people do enroll in my classes. I have to keep reminding that little girl in me that she is safe and loved and that I am there for her. I have to take very good care of myself on these days. Giving myself time to eat well and pamper myself. I also have to take action, write the newsletter and market my coaching and classes, remind myself of successes I’ve had so I can see the possibility of achieving my goals in the future.


These are the soft skills of financial proficiency. Learning how to get out of your

way so you can allow yourself to succeed and to quiet your inner demons.


We all need both concrete actions, like creating a budget, learning how to get and stay out of debt, planning for those things your heart desires and the inner work of learning to understand what our money story is and how to rewrite it. I learned how to turn this around for myself by working with a Financial Counselor.

I invite you to take a class or contact me for a Discovery Session to see if Money Coaching with me would be right for you. None of this needs to be done alone, in fact allowing yourself to be supported is part of the process.  Asking for and receiving help is necessary in combating those sneaky inner voices.



A Five Week Online Class to help you get out and stay out

of debt FOREVER!

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