If I ask you how much money you’d like to make you can probably tell me. I often hear $100,000.00, $150,000.00, $200,000.00 or more. 

If you are self-employed and bill hourly you can probably tell me how much you charge or want to charge per hour. 

You may not know though at that hourly rate how many clients it will take to reach your yearly goal. I say that because you don’t get to keep the gross amount of money that comes into your business. In order to determine how much money you need to bring into your business to reach your goal, you first need to subtract your operating expenses and if you sell products, how much it costs to produce or purchase them. That is one of the reasons many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of not being able to pay themselves adequately and consistently, even though money is coming into their businesses.

What I have been noticing is that many entrepreneurs may not know how to achieve what they say they want. They have set abstract goals with no tangible plan in place to make sure they reach them.

That is why I am offering the course Turning Your Passion Into Profit. In this course we will take a deep dive into how many clients you need or items you need to sell to make the money you desire. We’ll talk about what expenses are necessary and what should wait until you have more money available. We’ll look at all the jobs that need to be done in your business and figure out if it makes the most sense for you to do these tasks yourself or if it is better to hire someone else to do some of them.

We’ll also do some inner work so you can begin to see yourself making more than just enough and feel comfortable charging appropriate rates for the work you do. Then we’ll put together a plan to attract enough clients who will be more than willing to pay you well for what you offer.

It’s a six month course meeting twice per month. We will look at the numbers and create a financial plan, organizational plan, marketing plan and copy that will help you draw clients to you using only those marketing strategies you enjoy and feel comfortable with.

The course begins September 28th. If you enroll before September 9th you will receive two free private coaching sessions as a gift for enrolling early. (A $500.00 value)