A 6 month program that will fundamentally
your relationship with money.

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What if I told you that just 6 months from now, you’d feel excited to look at your bank account, confident about your financial plans for the future, and finally have systems in place for managing and growing your money. 


You may have been talking about wanting to set up a budget and create a plan to save for the things you really desire in life but have struggled to actually get it done.

You may be wondering how to save money when you have just enough money to make it through to the end of the month.

It’s likely that you are unsure of the financial decisions you are making and don’t have a clear understanding of your numbers and where you stand financially.

Many of you have been trying to set up a budget and track on your own and have had difficulty setting up systems and keeping up with it. The process often brings up guilt, shame and anxiety. So, I wanted to find a way to help.

If you have any of the difficulties I mentioned above or you have been struggling to get your financial house in order I hope you will join me for this class.

Anytime you earn, spend, borrow, save, win or lose money, you are relating to money, giving meaning to it, and feeling something from it.

  • You may feel high when you buy a new designer purse.
  • Or extreme guilt over your daily latte.
  • Or resent knowing that your coworker’s paycheck is heftier than yours.
  • Or you may feel too afraid to look to see where you are at financially
  • Or, you may be ignoring the whole subject, in a kind of money fog.

For example, do you know how much your ideal lifestyle actually costs? Or exactly how much debt you owe on your credit cards?


Even if you are ignoring money, you are still relating to it.



And this is where things get tricky…

If you dont have an understanding of what money means to YOU and only you, it will have a hold on you.

If the topic of money makes you feel anxious, fearful, and secretive, youre in the right place, this class is for you.

This course is about Financial Mastery. I realize that, for some of you, managing your money seems daunting, scary, undoable…so easy to ignore, to put off, not think about.


  So heres what well cover:

Session 1: Discover Your Unique Relationship with Money


  • Gain clarity on your unique preferences, values, and personal desires. (You’ll reunite with hidden dreams and possibilities you may have buried away for years.)
  • Create a fresh vision of your new relationship with money, and define what financial success will look like for you.
  • Understand how your spending and saving habits are a mirror for what is missing in your life, and begin to understand how your thoughts helped to create your current financial setbacks.
  • See how you can stay in tune with what your soul needs using money as your guide.
  • Create money healing rituals to make managing your money a joyous activity

Session 2: Get Conscious about your money

In this phase, we’ll move into the practical how-tos of money management. The emotional part of this work—examining your relationship with money, exploring your needs, wants, and desires is enormously powerful when you combine it with the mechanics of effective money management.

These practical strategies coupled with the emotional discovery are the dynamic duo that make this method so effective. We won’t be abandoning the internal work, but will continue to weave it in as you learn the practical steps.


  1. Current Reality- Uncovering the realities of your current financial situation. I will be by your side as you review how much savings and debt you currently have
  2. Cash Register – With this tool, you’ll no longer wonder how that $200 ATM withdrawal disappeared so fast.
  3. Check Register –You won’t have to worry about surprise overdraft fees, because you’ll know exactly where you stand with your account.
  4. Credit Card Register – A quick and easy way to become conscious of invisible spending that has been adding to your debt for so long. You’ll find that this activity actually reduces or eliminates you using your credit card. It’s an instant way to get money mindful.
  5. Tips for getting the most out of tracking, like sneaky spending tricks, and proven tactics to help make tracking a daily ritual.

Session 3: Healing, Deprivation, and Shame

Many financial professionals blame and shame clients into taking action based on what they think are appropriate expenditures. The truth is though, everyone is different, what may be an extravagance for you might be a necessary and longed for expense for someone else. So it’s important for each of us to understand what are personal needs and sources of joy are and make spending decisions based on that knowledge. That way we can avoid feeling deprived which if you have ever been on a strict diet most of us know you can only go feeling deprived for so long and then you get out of control or go on a binge in response.


  1. How to sort out your needs from your wants, so you can finally feel satisfied, and stop chasing down empty indulgences.
  2. Find out how your struggle to set limits, say no, or ask for what you deserve is holding you back financially and personally.
  3. Why the cure to overspending is not about logical solutions, like spending less and saving more—but instead lies in learning to love and take better care of yourself.
  4. Create your needs and wants list—an exercise that will serve you well for the rest of your life. You’ll never look at a purchase the same way again, because you’ll see them as the smoke screens they really are.


Session 4 & 5: Your Financial Toolbox Coming Out of The Fog

Individual Spending Plan Part 1 & 2

Here’s where you will cross over from the financial life you’re living to the one you want to live.

You’ll work over the course of two sessions to create your custom spending plan. This is an 8-step approach that has yielded consistent, powerful results with my clients—so much so that they report loving their plans. You’ll see that it can feel good (and even fun!)to be connected with your money in this way.

You may find that this is the “magical” part of the program where positive changes start to emerge in your life in noticeable ways. Many people report having less arguments with family members and friends, as you get more confident about your expenses, and your loved ones gain confidence in you.


  1. Have a custom-designed spending plan to follow that feeds your soul and builds your bank account month after month.
  2. Fundamentally shift the way you feel about spending, so it’s not a judgmental space of shoulds and shouldn’ts but instead, a space to be honest about what makes you feel good.
  3. Never think about budgeting as a stifling money diet ever again. Most diets don’t work. A spending plan can feel fantastic—this means you don’t have to give up your lattes and designer shoes if you plan responsibly.
  4. Get proactive with your spending instead of reactive, so you get exactly what you want every month in a “do-no-harm” way.


Session 6: The Broader View

In this session you will learn how to plan for irregular expenses, holidays, vacations, leaving a job you hate or going back to school. We tend to think that life costs us what we spend every month and forget about those purchases that come up a few times a year. Those can be expensive and are often the purchases that cause us to reach for our credit cards.

During this session you will learn to:

  1. Save for those things you really want
  2. Make sure you have the money in advance for large purchases
  3. Never need to use a credit card again


Session  7 & 8: How to Get and Stay Out of Debt Part

Many people put their lives on hold until that mythical day when they will be debt free—but it often never comes. This is because just like the casinos with their discount buffets and free drinks, the credit industry is set up so that the house always wins.

This is true if you pay off your cards every month, or pay more than your minimum payments, or get free mileage or cash bonus points, free hotel stays or upgrades.

Believe it or not, to live a financially stable life, the issue is not getting out of debt. People get out of debt all the time—the problem is, they go right back in.

The system I will introduce you to is truly counterintuitive to anything you’ve heard before but, it has been used to helped thousands of people get and stay out of debt.


  1. Instead of looking at your relationship with debt, we’ll look at your relationship with something that is pivotal to getting and staying out of debt. (This will be new, and truly unique—but it’s where the hidden gold of this work lies, you’ll love it!)
  2. How to handle surprise expenses that will inevitably pop up. Life “happens” and this is why the short-term solutions that most experts recommend don’t help you realistically navigate real world situations.
  3. The 3-step Debt Pyramid” so you can visually see how you will sensibly handle your debt and not put your life on hold to make it happen.
  4. Specific strategies you can implement immediately that will help you uncover hidden money sources.
  5. A special tool to help you feel more financially secure before you’ve eliminated your debt.


Sessions 9: The lens you see the world through

We each see the world through the beliefs we hold and the things we were taught about ourselves and the world. In this session we will do a deep dive into uncovering what you believe about yourself and others and how those beliefs have been affecting your ability to earn and keep money. Then we will look at how to shift your thoughts to align with who you truly want to be and to attract the love, money and success you desire.

At the end of this session you will have a full understanding of what has been standing in your way of accomplishing your goals and tools to help you move past them.

10: Your Relationship to Work and Earning Part 1 & 2

As you develop a firm foundation of good money practices, the next natural area of your life that will start to blossom is your relationship with work, earning, volunteering and helping others.

Many times, overspending is not the root of financial issues, but rather some struggle with work, earning and feeling like you are making a contribution. This phase of the program will facilitate real, tangible improvements in your work and the way you give of yourself. You’ll explore your current level of job and life satisfaction and sense of fulfillment, your compensation, and any obstacles that are keeping you from earning what you deserve.

  1. You’ll examine your work history, and identify your unique earning patterns. (This exercise always strikes a chord with people, since it’s a very illuminating view of your money relationship.)
  2. You’ll discover a powerful visualization exercise to uncover your specific earning ceiling—the dollar amount that represents where you are stuck right now.
  3. You’ll get guidance on how to improve your current work situation, whether you love your work, but feel underpaid, or make plenty but don’t feel fulfilled.
  4. You’ll get clear on how much you need to earn to live the lifestyle that feels rich to you. (Everyone has a picture of what a good life means to them that is highly individualistic. You’ll get clear and be able to see how your work can fuel your ideal way of life.)


Session 11: Realizing your dreams

If you work the program, and truly follow this course, you will fundamentally change your relationship with money—and you’ll also be able to maintain that relationship but this phase is key.

This is a phase of clarity and play—your imagination can wander now because you’ll be seeing signs and movement all around you that your life is growing and expanding.

  1. Become aware of your soft spots—those areas where old habits are prone to sneak in—so you can infuse them with new energy and positive actions.
  2. You’ll identify specific “sterling” behaviors in not just your financial life, but your spiritual, family, physical health, friendships, business partnerships, community, and more.
  3. Plan for bigger goals with an annual spending plan, like investing in a new business, changing careers, taking a year-long sabbatical or creating the retirement you always wanted.

Bringing It All Together

Session 12: Closing Session

This final phase of the program is where we bring it all together, answer any remaining questions that you have and celebrate your successes. We’ll also put a plan together for how you will stay on track going forward.

So many of you will have bonded by going through this process together and supporting each others paths to creating your dreams. You may make new friends and decide to continue supporting one another after the class ends.


By the end of this program, you will have a solid understanding of what your soul craves, and be better aligned with your three methods of currency—time, energy, and money. This understanding will help you experience a much more fulfilling life.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to stop making excuses, finally have a handle on your money, and have a plan in place to save for the things you really want.

  • Online Class meets the first and 3rd Wednesday of each month
  • Requires the purchase of a money management software program or the use of a budgeting spreadsheet
  • Tuition: $1500.00 paid in 6 monthly payments of $250.00, 10 payments of $150.00 or $1200.00 when you register
  • 12-sessions meeting twice a month for 6 months
  • Starts Wednesday, March 6, 2024
  • 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Central Time USA

    Sheryl Kosovski


    Money and Business Coach. 

    I think of myself more as a self-love coach than as a money coach. I help my clients see their value, so they come to believe they are worthy of more. Sure, I also teach them to make spending plans and how to get out of debt and save. More importantly, I help them to see that by taking care of their money they can better take care of themselves and the people they love.

    Self-love? What does that have to do with managing money and financial success, you may ask?

    Well, everything.


    We worked with Sheryl during a time of many transitions: Dane was finishing grad school and getting ready to launch his career as a teacher, and we were planning to get married in a few months. We had been living together for several years but we had not combined our finances, and we needed to figure out how to do so. Sheryl helped us in a number of important ways: we figured out how to create one budget for the two of us, how to manage our debt and keep out of trouble with borrowing, and, perhaps most importantly, what each of us was bringing to the marriage when it comes to history with money and feelings about getting, spending, and saving it.

    A year and a half later, we are collaborating beautifully on our budget, have no credit card debt, and have been able to start saving toward the mutual goals we identified with Sheryl. We are so grateful we had the opportunity to learn from her!

    Nora Frazin, LCSW & Dane Haiken, Teacher

    I had the pleasure of attending the financial class offered to staff members by my company this past spring offered by Sheryl Kosovski.  I found Sheryl’s class to be an invaluable support in becoming more aware of my finances, planning for my future, and improving my financial health. I feel very grateful that my agency gave me the opportunity to take this course and highly recommend it to anyone looking to better understand and manage their finances.

    Prior to the class beginning, I would often avoid thinking about or looking at my finances because it was anxiety-provoking for me. This was not simply a budgeting and tracking course, but so much more. I now have a budget and realistically plan for my future. I am much more aware of my finances and where my money is going, which has greatly decreased my anxiety surrounding my finances. I have also learned a great deal about myself, my relationship with money, my sense of value, and how I would like to be living my future. I appreciate the opportunity to have been able to take this course and work directly with Sheryl. I think this course, and her other services, are vital resources for anyone, particularly those who are working with limited financial resources.

    Shira Glogower, LCSW, MS.

    At the ripe old, but healthy ages of 85 & 88, we suddenly realized we were outliving our Money. As we were well into our retirement years, my wife and I were getting increasingly concerned about whether our savings and investments would see us through the rest of our lives and our grown children were becoming very concerned about us as well. We had no idea how to measure our current spending against our long-term needs.

    Sheryl helped us focus on the problem and gave us tools to budget and monitor our expenses.  I can honestly say that this is the first time that either of us has learned to Budget. She is teaching us to live within our boundaries.  Sheryl is easy to work with and has substantially lifted our burden of uncertainty.

    Bobbe Wolf, Photographer & Hugh Brodkey, Retired Attorney

    “I have been working with Sheryl for over 3 years now. Prior to working with her, I did not understand the value of financial planning and monthly budgeting. The software program she typically uses Money Minder is very user friendly. Sheryl is very compassionate and understanding of one’s needs. She has gone above and beyond in helping me get my finances in check. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their financial health!”

    Connie Izquierdo
    M.A.CCC-SLP,COM., Certified Speech Pathologist

    “I met Sheryl quite a few years ago, somewhere between 55 and 60 years old. Sheryl offered financial literacy—a new concept to me. We moved through obstacles and highs as well as lows (unemployment). It has been a journey and Sheryl provided a guiding light, a steady force, and a compassionate heart. Sheryl offers insights and provides resources. She encourages self-discovery while constantly making available concrete tools such as a “budget-like” website to use and books that tend to empower, rather than shame.”

    Marla Goldberg
    Volunteer Services Coordinator