When I bring up the topic of Spending Plans or budgets, my client’s often expect that I will ask them to cut way back on anything that isn’t essential.


But in fact, to truly succeed financially requires using your money as a self-care practice.


This is because when you deprive yourself you tend to spend more money to feed the deprivation that you feel. If you’re unable to stick to the plan you may wind up punishing yourself. Since we are best at managing and making money when we have a high degree of self-esteem, if we deprive ourselves we are working against ourselves.


Many believe that making a budget and tracking expenses will be at best boring or it will be so anxiety producing that they’d prefer not to deal with their finances at all. Being a good manager of your money  requires that you have a good understanding of where you stand. That includes how much money you receive and how much money you are spending. You are in control of  the choices you are making and can make different choices that will serve you better. Budgeting is just reallocating money. Choosing to spend more money on the things that you care about, your dreams and goals for example rather than buying a daily coffee or taking an Uber when you could walk.


I became a financial counselor not because I care a great deal about budgeting and debt repayment but because I love helping people realize their dreams. Many require some money to make them real. Creating and sticking to a budget or having a debt reduction plan are ways to ensure you can have the freedom to do, be and have whatever you want.


If we wait until we are completely ready to do something, we’ll never do anything. Transforming your life takes doing things that feel uncomfortable and takes courage. There are things you can do though, that will make the process more nurturing, less terrifying, and more creative than you ever thought possible.


So, let’s change your definition of what a money practice is. First of all, it is a practice. Just like when we are learning to play an instrument or a new language it takes time to get good at it. It’s only with time that you begin to gain mastery.


Your old definition of a money practice might be: A tedious, stressful, painful activity that you should do even though you hate it.


What if instead, you lit some candles and put on some soothing music and reminded yourself throughout the process that taking these actions will bring more joy into your life. It will help you express your love and care for yourself.


A self-care practice is something you do consciously, with intention, on a regular basis, to support and grow yourself. It will bring more clarity, peace of mind and success to your life.  Make it your own by choosing how often you feel you need to set aside time to work on your finances. Choose how much time you’ll spend, whether it makes most sense for you to keep track of your spending on paper, a poster board, a spread sheet or app.  You may decide to say a prayer before you begin or ask your inner spirit for guidance. Perhaps you will choose to think about how much joy you got out of what you bought and thank the company for their service as you track your expenses. The more creative you can be and the more joyful you can make the experience the more you will get out of it.


Then perhaps you will look forward to having a money practice as much as I do.


Mine helps me feel in control and gives me peace of mind. It helps me know that I have made conscious self-supporting choices that allow me to feel safe and have the ability to realize the goals that I have set for myself. It gave me the money to support myself until I can grow this business. I am so grateful for it and having you in my community.


On Monday nights I offer a free Money Q&A. It’s an opportunity for you to get your financial questions answered and to be supported in attaining your goals. I try to help you see how wonderful and deserving you are so that you can accept more abundance into your life. 


I hope to see you on Monday’s for the Free Money Q&A.

With love,

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