Free Monday Money Q&A

Everything you need to know about managing your money!


Get your financial questions answered like:

  • How do I get and stay out of debt without suffering in the process?
  • Why do credit scores matter?
  • How do you raise your credit score?
  • I’m living paycheck to paycheck; how can I start saving money for the future?
  • How do you create a budget?

And anything else you want to know. Although I do not give investment advice.

During these group coaching sessions, no question is considered stupid. This is a judgment free safe space.

These weekly group coaching sessions will take place on Zoom.

Monday evenings (5:00 PST, 8:00 EST)

You can join in for as many weeks as you’d like, all free.

Invite your friends to join in too. Just send them this Link so they can enroll.


See you at the next group coaching session.



Sheryl Kosovski

Certified Money and Business Coach

I think of myself more as a self-love coach than as a money coach. I help my clients see their value, so they come to believe they are worthy of more. Sure, I also teach them to make spending plans and how to get out of debt and save. More importantly, I help them to see that by taking care of their money they can better take care of themselves and the people they love.

Self-love? What does that have to do with managing money and financial success, you may ask?

Well, everything.

Kind Words from My Clients

I had the pleasure of attending the financial class offered to staff members by my company this past spring offered by Sheryl Kosovski.  I found Sheryl’s class to be an invaluable support in becoming more aware of my finances, planning for my future, and improving my financial health. I feel very grateful that my agency gave me the opportunity to take this course and highly recommend it to anyone looking to better understand and manage their finances.

Shira Glogower, LCSW, MS.

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