Now that 2020 is finally behind us, the question is what do you want to create or attract in 2021? I hope that 2021 will bring you peace, health and prosperity. What do you really want? Not what someone else wants for you or what you think you should be doing or achieving but what do you really want? What will make your heart sing? If you won the lotto and money wasn’t an issue or your life partner or children weren’t in the picture what would you want?  Try not to be reasonable, practical, or realistic. You don’t have to know how it could happen or if it is possible. Let your heart lead you and see where it takes you.

The next step is to write it down. I’ve done this in two ways. At times I have written a list of what I want in the following areas of my life: Spiritual, Physical (including health and physical activity goals), Work, Volunteering and Study, Financial, Family and Social. The way I prefer to do it though is to write a letter to a friend dated December 31st, 2021. In the letter I tell my friend all the great things that happened in 2021 including the fulfillment of all my heart’s desires. Be open to the possibility that what you want is attainable. It may show up in a way you currently aren’t able to imagine or it may come in a different form than what you thought. Why not imagine that this year you get what you want.

As adults many of us stopped asking for what we want because we remember so many times when we asked and the answer was no, or what we asked for never showed up. If that sounds like you, ask for renewed faith and trust in yourself, in the world and if you believe in God, in God.

The past several years for me have been challenging. My marriage failed, my sister and brother-in-law passed away, everything I had been working on either took way longer than expected or didn’t materialize at all and I lost faith. It’s been hard to make promises to myself and others and trust that I can keep my word. It’s been hard to trust God when I feel so much loss but I’m going to ask for help in believing in myself and others again. I know that if I can’t believe in my dreams they will likely not manifest and I really want 2021 to be my best year yet. I have experienced miracles in the past where I was able to easily manifest all that I desired. So I know I can do it again.

A friend of mine sent me a great New Years Ritual that I want to share with you. It came from Bustle.com and they attributed it to Mackenzie Sage Wright. They called it the Prosperity Charm Ritual. I have modified it a bit and want to share it with you. I love rituals. They allow us to put some physical action into the thoughts and dreams we have and I believe that helps us feel the presence of the things we want which in turn makes it easier for us to see possibility.

You will need:

  • A brown or green square piece of fabric.
  • Cinnamon
  • Seeds
  • A gold coin or something gold
  • If you seek more money, then a dollar bill or coins to represent growing money
  • A gold ribbon
  • The intentions or dreams you wrote down previously


Take your supplies outdoors. Lay your fabric on the ground so it can draw in the energy from the earth. Sprinkle the cinnamon on the cloth to represent soil. Then for each thing you want to draw into your life take a seed and “plant” it in the cinnamon. Next fold up the paper with your intentions or dreams for the year and put them on top of the seeds. Take the gold coin or gold item and lay it on top. Then lay your dollar bill or coins on top of that. Then take the four corners of the cloth and bring them together in the center and tie the bundle with the gold ribbon. Bring the bundle into the house. Light a candle and put the bundle in your dominant hand and stretch your other hand out with your palm up. Imagine the energy from the universe moving through you and into the packet charging it with energy and possibility. Close your eyes and spend some time imagining that what you desire is already so. Feel how you would feel  if your heart’s desire were realized. When you are done, put the bundle in a special place where you can look at it whenever you need to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you are bringing into your life in 2021.

I wish that all your dreams come true this year.

With love,