I have been having a truly enjoyable relaxed summer. I hosted two of my oldest and dearest friends for a couple of weeks each. During those visits we spent many nights on my back porch overlooking the garden, eating and talking. We had really deep wonderful conversations. I’ve spent a few weekends up in Michigan with a friend in the woods, kayaking and enjoying the tranquility of the forest. I recently had my two grandnieces each stay for a weekend with me riding our bikes, cooking together and having an opportunity to get to know them better. In other words, I have been playing hooky from my business and really enjoying my personal life. 
I can feel a shift now though in my energy. As summer is winding down I feel a tug to get back to work.
Many of you have been taking the summer off as well.
For so many people dealing with their money leads to feelings of anxiety, gilt and fear. I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people say they just don’t want to deal with their money right now. They too have just wanted to enjoy their summer.
I do understand and yet experience tells me by taking time off their financial circumstances are likely getting worse. For most of us when we aren’t paying attention to how much we are spending it’s likely we’re over doing it. 
It can be frightening to take a look at where you’re at financially. If you want to feel confident, proud of yourself and have the money to make your dreams real it’s important to take stock and put systems in place that will create financial peace of mind and abundance. 
That means you will need to feel the fear and discomfort and get moving in-spite of it. 
Those feelings of shame and disappointment in yourself won’t go away if you continue to do nothing. The only way those feelings will go away is if you take steps to put plans and processes in place to manage your money more wisely. But you don’t have to do it alone. 

But you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ve been told that I am very patient and a good listener. After years of helping thousands of clients improve their relationship with their money I can tell you once you learn some new skills and create a few new habits, anxiety and stress around your money will disappear. You will be able to count on yourself to make good choices and with patience have the money for things you really want in life.
Gaining mastery with your money takes about 4 months of working with me twice a month. During that time, I will teach you how to plan for your spending, get out of debt if necessary, start saving for things that come up that we usually forget about, for emergencies, large purchases, and for your retirement. I will also help you increase your ability to accept more money into your life by helping you see how the way you think affects the decisions you make and actions you take. I know hiring a coach is a big step when you feel money is already tight.

Here is what one of my clients said:

“Prior to working with Sheryl, I would often avoid thinking about money and looking at my finances because it was anxiety-provoking for me. She supported me in gaining control over my money and addressing areas of need head-on. She provided me with a structure for establishing a budget, tracking my expenses, and developing insight into my relationship with money. In addition to the concrete support surrounding managing money, Sheryl spent a great deal of time helping me explore my financial history and learning about the ways in which I interact with and think about money.  She was always supportive and made sure I was receiving the appropriate resources for managing stress. She was always available for questions and was actively engaged in my progress. 
Through my work with Sheryl, I was able to identify that I was not making enough money to support the life I want at my job, and this propelled me to start a private practice on the side.
I recently left my job and am making 3 times the money I was making before I started working with Sheryl in my practice. I have saved money for a down payment for a home and am completely debt free. I never dreamed I could feel so secure. I am so proud of myself and so thankful to her.”

If you have been avoiding your finances please get in touch. I have some coaching packages available and some payment plans to ease the financial burden. Money coaching is an investment in you and your future. Are you ready to start turning things around?