For almost two months now I have had very little desire to do just about anything. The desire to market my business or promote classes has just not been there. I haven’t even had an interest in working on my artwork. The “shoulds” in my head are at times overwhelming but my body and soul have been telling me to take my time, move slowly, rest and reflect. 
When I say I have been doing nothing that isn’t quite true. I have been enjoying myself and the lovely weather we have been having. I have been going to the beach, riding my bike, reading, hanging out with friends and family, writing a lot and working in my flower garden. I am lucky that I own my own business so I can take time off when I want to, although that also means less money coming in. This is a problem that all entrepreneurs face who have service based businesses.
I have been spending my mornings lingering in bed, thinking, day dreaming about what I want in the future and reviewing my past. I’ve been trying to understand the messages and lessons that I got from the people and situations I encountered so that I can heal the old wounds that keep me from seeing my value and affect my self-worth.
During this time my biggest challenge has been trusting myself and the universe to take care of me. I sometimes worry that I am running out of money and can at times make myself afraid by thinking about the disasters that might happen if I don’t get back to work soon. When I can silence my inner critic I can see though that in fact I am OK. I have some money in savings and haven’t had to use very much of it. I have been a good steward of my money and do not overspend. 
Miracles have happened. In spite of doing very little marketing now new clients have been appearing seemingly out of nowhere, people have been buying my workbook and signing up for my group coaching program. When I can focus on today and not my past or future I can see that I am fine. I am so grateful for that.
A dear friend of mine, Janet Redford who is an amazing spiritual coach said to me last week that I might want to think of this down time as a gestation period, a time for new ideas to slowly come to life. She suggested that if I need to use my savings, to see it as a way of investing in me and the growth that I am creating, that this time is a way of preparing myself for what is next.
In-deed the day after I spoke to her while I was hanging out in bed I got an idea for a new workshop I want to give. It’s called My Story: Then and Now. It’s an experiential workshop to uncover the money story we are currently telling ourselves about who we are and how the way we see the world influences the financial choices we make. During the course we will create a book with images and writing to bring that story to life and then create a second book about who we wish to be going forward, someone who is magnetic, attracting all the money, time, love and joy we can stand. 
As I was lying in bed the whole course came to me including the copy for the marketing to promote it. It felt like it was being downloaded from the universe. So, my time in bed was very productive. Following my intuition to rest paid off as it usually does. I have to keep reminding myself that following my desire leads to my growth even when it doesn’t seem like it would.
I will let you know more about this workshop once I have ironed out all the details. I’m pretty excited about it.
I thought the next course I was going to teach was about how to create a money ritual for managing your money but over these past weeks I decided that I really don’t want to do that right now. I want to be doing more things that include creativity and art making. I will offer the course for managing money once the weather is less inviting. Probably in the Fall when I have that “back to school” energy that I usually get in September. 
I’m hoping by then to find a way to make managing money more creative and fun so it is more enticing. I’m hoping that people will want to learn how to plan for their income and spending because it’s fun not just because they think they should. I’ve asked the universe to help me with that so I expect one morning before I get out of bed, I may get instructions for how to do that. Until then I am going to continue to do the things my spirit directs me to do and have fun. I hope you will too. 
If you feel inspired to get your financial house in order or find ways to start or grow your business please get in touch. I’d love to help you and I promise to make it a joyful experience.